A graphical representation of Metrolink Park and Ride sites on the Our Network map

Park and Ride set for huge boost across Greater Manchester

Following the launch of Our Network – the Mayor’s ambitious 10-year vision for an integrated-transport system in Greater Manchester – TfGM has confirmed 1,000 new park and ride spaces are on their way.

Last week Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, pledged to boost park and ride (P&R) provision across the region by the end of 2020 to help deliver a modern, integrated and accessible public transport system.

Work is now being carried out to assess potential P&R expansions, as well as the development of completely new sites, with locations in Radcliffe, Whitefield, Withington on existing Metrolink lines and adjacent to the new Trafford Park Line, currently under review.

Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, said: “Many people have to use their cars for part of their journey before they switch to public transport and park and ride sites are critical in helping people switch to trams, trains and buses.

“I’m regularly asked about whether or not new park and ride sites are on the way and I’m pleased to say that there are a number of locations that are currently being developed to provide park and ride facilities. Work is ongoing but we are looking at 1,000 extra spaces being delivered to ensure people can access public transport as easily as possible.

“Alongside the introduction of contactless payment on Metrolink, Our Pass, new cycling and walking measures and work that is under way to improve the way our bus network operates, we are taking steps towards an integrated transport system for Greater Manchester.

“But to ensure we unlock our potential and make journeys easier Greater Manchester needs more investment into its transport networks and the powers to manage it effectively and I will continue to press government until it becomes a reality.”

Work to deliver on the Mayor’s 10-year vision for our public transport network is already seeing major strides made:

• the launch of a Contactless payment system on Metrolink is due imminently
• the new Our Pass scheme will see 16-18 year olds receive free travel and a wealth of other benefits
• a new bike hire scheme that includes electric bikes is set to launch in 2020
• confirmation that an assessment into the future of the city-region’s bus market has now been completed and has recommended franchising as its preferred option.

Expanding Greater Manchester’s P&R offering is central to the region’s growing public transport network as they make access to trams, trains and buses easier and more accessible, which in turn, helps to reduce congestion and improve air quality.

Work to assess the sites in more detail, including the number of spaces at each location, is taking place now alongside local councils and more details will be released later this year.

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Helena Hornby

Communications Officer

Transport for Greater Manchester