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It’s Time – to get back to what you love and support Greater Manchester

  • Mayor launches new ‘It’s Time’ campaign urging people to get back to what they love and support businesses across Greater Manchester – but to do it safely and keep each other safe.   
  • People asked to think about what changes they could make to their travel plans and use public transport or cycle or walk if possible. 
  • A range of flexible ticketing products are available now and a new Bee Flex Weekly product launches in September – meaning people can make unlimited journeys on Metrolink and never pay more than a seven-day travel pass.
  • On-board safety remains a key priority with a major new sponsorship deal signed with Lifebuoy – providing free hand sanitiser across the Metrolink and bus network.

With thousands of people set to return to the workplace and education after the summer holidays, Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester is urging people to get behind the reopening of the region, get back to doing the things they love and think about their travel plans as part of a new campaign.

The Mayor has also urged people to keep on following safety guidance when using public transport to help keep each other safe while travelling.

The It’s Time campaign aims to support businesses across Greater Manchester, get people returning to work and school to consider their travel options and encourage more people to use public transport if possible and cycle or walk when they can. It also highlights the continuing safety activity being delivered by TfGM and other Transport operators.

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, said: “The last 18 months have been tough. Many people have missed seeing their loved ones, or meeting friends, while businesses have had to reduce their hours, introduce strict health measures or close for long periods of time – putting huge strain on employers and employees alike.

“Public transport has run throughout the pandemic keeping essential workers moving and it remains clean, safe and reliable. Over the course of the pandemic we have stepped up cleaning on services, placed more staff out on the network to assist passengers and I have also asked that face coverings remain mandatory on Metrolink and in bus stations and Interchanges to help keep people safe.

“In addition, we have also just signed a major deal with LifeBuoy to ensure people have ongoing access to free hand sanitiser at more than 80 key locations across the bus and tram network. We want people to feel safe while using public transport, so measures like this are vitally important.

“We now need to see more people coming back on board – or trying public transport for the first time as we all come together to help support the recovery of the region. But I would urge passengers to also play their part and ask them to keep on being kind to one another by following the guidance to keep each other safe – including wearing face coverings on trams. 

“We also know that how and when people travel may have changed and Metrolink, along with other transport operators have introduced a range of ticketing offers to ensure people can travel flexibly and affordably. New products like Bee Flex Weekly – guaranteeing you will never pay more than a seven-day travel pass for your journeys – simplify fares and offer better value for money.

“I hope the continuing focus on safety and flexible ticketing will encourage more people to leave their car at home and support businesses across Greater Manchester by getting out and enjoying everything the region has to offer. “ 

The Bee Flex Weekly, is the latest flexible ticketing solution introduced by TfGM and joins the Bee Flex Daily meaning passengers simply touch in and out using their contactless card or device for every journey, passengers will never pay more than a one-day or seven-day travelcard. It joins other products including Clipper which provides customers with ten 1-day travelcards for the price of nine and Early Bird, which reduces the cost for people travelling before 7am or after 9:30am on weekdays.

To help passengers feel confident while travelling a number of additional measures remain in place, including: 

  • Regularly cleaning and disinfecting commonly touched surfaces across the public transport network, including rails, handles and doors
  • Keeping fresh air flowing on trams, buses and trains
  • Supporting people with hidden disabilities and giving them confidence to travel safely
  • Regular patrols by police and TravelSafe officers across the public transport network to promote safe travel and engage with passengers about Covid-19 guidance
  • Providing a range of tickets and passes to help people travel more flexibly

Please follow safe travel guidance and help to keep each other safe.   

  • You must wear a face covering, unless exempt if you are using the Metrolink network, bus stations or interchanges or using Ring and Ride services
  • You are expected to wear a face covering when using buses and trains or using taxis and private hire vehicles
  • Where possible open windows to maintain fresh air flow and ventilation
  • Clean your hands frequently by washing with soap and water or using hand sanitiser
  • Use contactless payment if you can
  • Services are likely to be busier - if you can, travel during quieter times
  • Consider walking or cycling, particularly for short trips
  • Please be kind and consider fellow passengers when travelling on public transport

Find all the info about Bee Weekly and Bee Daily at and the latest travel guidance and details of what TfGM is doing to keep you safe at

TfGM is also working with businesses to embed a safe, sustainable, and smarter way of commuting as more people return to the office. Explore Transport for Greater Manchester’s portal to find out more about the support and resources available:

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Notes to editors

The deal which has been agreed between TfGM and Lifebuoy, the world’s number one hygiene soap brand, means passengers can get their hands on free sanitiser from over 80 branded dispensers which will be rolled out at interchanges, bus stations and tram stops in Greater Manchester.

Benoit Roger-Machart, Managing Director, Lifebuoy UK & Ireland, said: “As people start to move around more, Lifebuoy’s purpose remains the same; we want to help keep people safe and one of the most effective and proven ways of doing this is to keep hands clean and sanitised to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. 

“By providing hand sanitiser to the thousands of shoppers, workers, tourists, who use the transport network in Greater Manchester, we are helping to provide extra reassurance for everyone. We’ll also be launching information campaigns across the transport network through digital screens, tram takeovers, as well as product sampling.”

Bee Flex Daily and Bee Flex Weekly capping means passengers will never pay more than a one-day or seven-day travelcard and people do not need to know how many journeys they are planning at the beginning of the week. The total fare will be worked out as passengers touch in and out using their  contactless card.  

If people travel on multiple days during the week (Monday to Sunday), we’ll charge for each day up to the daily cap, until the total reaches the weekly cap for the zones they have  travelled through. Once they reach the weekly cap, the rest of their journeys in those zones will be free until the end of the week.

The most people will pay for a week, if you travel across all zones, is £31 - and if for example all of their journeys are just across zones one and two they will never pay more than £17.60.  But passengers must make sure they touch-in and touch-out with the same card or device for all their journeys to benefit from the daily and weekly cap.