Greater Manchester Walking and Cycling Commissioner, Chris Boardman - response to Grant Shapps transport announcement

Please find below a response from Chris Boardman to today's government announcement of a £2bn funding packing for walking and cycling:

Chris Boardman, Cycling and Walking Commissioner for Greater Manchester, said:

"This announcement is official recognition of the major role cycling and walking will play as we emerge from this crisis. 

“By creating safe streets we give people the choice to make active journeys, taking the pressure off our public transport system and protecting our NHS - both now and in the future. When a third of all journeys under 1km in Greater Manchester are made by car, the lifesaving impact of this, through improved health and cleaner air, cannot be underestimated.

“Our Local Authorities are already mobilising their plans to create more space for those on foot or on bikes; a potential lifeline for the third of households across the city region who don’t have access to a car and usually rely on public transport. And whilst this funding will be a vital enabler, fast tracking the approval of side roads zebra crossings - that are currently used across the world- will help protect people who are choosing to do their bit to help us all.”

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