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Get involved in the Destination: Bee Network Conversation

Over the past four weeks, the Destination: Bee Network bus has been touring across Greater Manchester gathering people’s opinions on how to transform the way people travel in the region.

The Bee Network is a vision for an integrated London-style transport system which will join together buses, trams, cycling and walking by 2024, with rail incorporated by 2030.

The Destination Bee Network tour kicked off on 11 October and has since travelled around to various travel interchanges, bus stations and events across the ten local authorities. An online survey was also launched at the same time to ensure the views and opinions of as many Greater Manchester residents were captured.

Over 800 face-to-face conversations have taken place with members of the public and nearly 4,000 people have already contributed their feedback online with 94% of people so far agreeing that an integrated transport system will change the way they travel.

Key themes emerging from discussions include feedback around reliability, affordability, frequency and safety.

As part of the Bee Network vision, the new system will be accessible, affordable and easy to use, with a daily fare cap and single multi-modal ticket, the Bee Network will support seamless end-to-end journeys, transforming how people travel in Greater Manchester.  

The bus tour closed off at Bury interchange on 10 November but there is still time to get involved online.

Emma Flinn, Head of Partnerships, Engagement & Inclusion at Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM), said: “We’d like to thank everyone who has already got involved in the Destination Bee Network conversation. Feedback gathered through public events, survey and engagement sessions will help to inform further planning in support of developing an integrated transport network for Greater Manchester by Greater Manchester.  

“By getting involved with the conversation, you can help bring the Bee Network vision to life based on what’s most important to you. And if you’ve missed out on speaking to us this time or responding to the survey there will be lots of other opportunities on our journey to the Bee Network so watch this space.”

The Destination Bee Network Survey closes at midnight on Friday 12 November so do not miss out on the opportunity to get involved.   

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